I am and will always be someone who can never sit still. This means I attempt to do many things at once and enjoy each thing  just the same as the other. I do not consider myself an artistic person but I do enjoy being inspired by the people and things that surround me.

That is why photography for me has been one of my passions that keeps me happy. I created this page to share my inspirations with the world hoping that others will see the world and things within it; the way I do.

I remember growing up and my dad always having a camera at hand. Finding reasons to take pictures of everyone around him. Now looking back i’m certainly glad he did. The pictures that I come across have so many great memories and captured us in moments that if it werent for that picture I would not be able to experience the nostalgia of growing up in Mexico. Around 10 years old, photography started to take a hold of me, it was like a growing addiction for moments that I did not want to forget. Over time picking up a camera for me has become a  full blown addiction and the more I click the shutter button the more I smile.

I hope that others see life and enjoy my pictures as much as I do capturing these great moments.




Maneadero, Baja California, Mexico

Thanks for visiting my page.



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