Baby Project

A few months ago a friend of mine was saying how they hadn’t really kept up with the baby pictures as much as she should have. She was contemplating creating a collage on a wall in her home. I was thinking about how I could help. Recently I found this pin on Pinterest of a photographer who created a baby collage on canvas. I went to her site to get more information on how she created the collage and what her dimensions were. While on her site I saw several comments from other Pinterest fans asking for the template she used. The photographer like a good businesswoman said that should would not sell her template but she would create a collage for $49 provided that the customer provide the images or she could could be hired to take the portraits for a special price. This price was too steep for my pockets mostly for  a gift I wanted to gift. So i decided to put my Photoshop skills to use (with some YouTube help ofcourse). I decided to use only photos I had taken myself and after several hours of Photoshop template alignment and choosing the right pictures the final result turned out amazing and the my friends loved the gift. This turned out to be an amazing gift idea and I think I might even generate some business.

Hope yo enjoy.









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