I crash parties

So I rarely go anywhere alone..personal issues ;-), and this weekend was no exception. I woke up Saturday wanting to do something and take my camera out on a date. So I called a friend and set up a plan, to crash a few parties and take alot of pictures on the way.

First we went to breakfast..no pictures but coffee was delish. Tooks these pictures while riding shotgun.





Then we attempted to go to a local downtown Mardigras party but it hadnt really started just yet. I did have the opportunity to shoot a bit of downtown.

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So we decided to go to the Strong Beer Festival in uptown Phoenix. This was absolutely fun and being able to drink beer from local breweries was awesome. I also found alot of drunk people, nice mustaches, lots of smiles and some little accidents on the way.

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My friend the socializer he is; decided to meet up with friends afterwards at the bar across the street. This were we found local Hasher Team: The Lost Boobs. Had a few laughs with them and lots of funny moments.

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Finally after a few more beers back to Mardigras. I was not really prepared for night photography but i did catch a few good ones.

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I hope you guys enjoy my eventful day but also my few pictures of Downtown Phoenix.



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