“Holy frijoles! That thing runs faster than me!”

A few nights ago I was hired to do some pictures for an individual company. A special request was made for night luminous shots. Now night shots im still learning and while attempting to take these shots I became a bit frustrated because I couldn’t figure out if it was me, my camera or just the subject. So standing on the side of the road with my camera I started noticing that there was an awful lot of traffic right next to me and then LIGHT BULB I decided to take a break and shoot some of my own personal shots.

I’ve been seeing around blogs, internet and flickr the slow shutter speed car lights pictures; and dying to try them I decided to attempt this. I just slowed my shutter speed as much as I could and Voila! I came up with some pretty decent shots. To be quite honest though I wasn’t really trying to make them artful as much as I was trying to see if I could do it. So please be gentle when you review them as this is my first time actually trying this. Maybe next time Ill find a better place or angle to shoot these from. But I have to tell you I really like that tree in the middle it gives it a sense of standing still while everything else is moving. What do you think?


“Holy frijoles! That thing runs faster than me!”-Speedy Gonzalez


3 comments on ““Holy frijoles! That thing runs faster than me!”

  1. Hi Shelleydlm – You’re right – the stationary tree high(or ‘low’)lights the speeding cars.
    What I liked was your ‘LIGHT BULB’ – is that yours or is it commonly used in this way?
    Anyhow all very lively and inventive.

    • I actually used no lighting, no flash. I read something about flash photography and using available light in night or less lit enviorments. i have to admit in the last 3 months ive used my flash maybe less than five times. It seems that most of the time with the right settings you have more than enough available light. This street just seemed to have the right ambiance for it.

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