Blue mask dancing

Photography for me is like eating candy! I cant wait to pick out what I want to do, unwrap and get started and after its all done I get so exited I cant wait to show it off!

I think there could be a point where you could actually hate what you love. For me it would be shooting subjects I had no interest in and not having a say of how these subjects should be portrayed would make me absolutely hate pressing the shutter button. Thankfully; I dont have to do any of that! I get to shoot everything and anything I want!

So this week my friend and I were shooting around ideas of some fun shots! I was thinking something dirty and nice at the same time. So first I wanted a dress a big dress. My friend happened to have a old prom dress and while discussing another project I have in mind she told me that she wanted to include her Luchador mask  in her picture.  So a plan was made.

Problem is how did we want to make these pictures look? Well I tried indoors with a simple grey background but felt that the grey took away from the color of the dress made the picture a bit depressing. So behind the property I live in there is a golf course so we jumped the fence and took some shots. When I first saw her dress it reminded me of a swan lake type setting, maybe the fluffiness or maybe just the fact that the dress had a flow to it. I decided to ask her to try some ballerina poses but this girl is not as flexible as I thought she might be so these were a bit hard to portray. But we went along with it and happened to catch some poses that I absolutely loved in the end.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. There is no meaning behind them just wanting to have some fun and do something different.

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