Confession Tuesday

So here goes my confession. I am a truly lazy person! I am not shamed to admit that because what I accomplished today, has proven to me that I am so damn lazy and that needed to be acknowledged.

Now i’ve always known I liked photography but what did I do about it? Nothing! Nothing for the last 20something years. Well that’s a lie, I did take a photography class in highschool and I am the group paparazzi of my friends. About 6 years ago I had asked my boyfriend to buy me photoshop I was determined to learn how to use it. Actually I didn’t even know what photoshop was I just knew I wanted it. I knew that i’d be able to enhance my images. So for Christmas I got it…ask me what I did with it? I installed it and never used it. Actually I used it once or twice but I never actually applied myself so I would give up.

Since I started this blog and bought myself a camera I’ve really gotten into enhancing my images. But again I dont know what I am doing…. heres a few links of images that have made me so jealous that I am determined to learn something.

The Guitar ManFinal Aperture.comKobi OnyameBebad3Alice in Wonderland

and then this one Real Life Disney Characters.

Wow these people have talent! Reality is that I don’t necessarily want to attempt to do most of these but they’re very inspirational and fun!

So I’ve been motivated not only to better my photography but also learn some photoshoping to make my pictures even more fun and interesting. So Ive previously posted a few different things Ive done and here is my newest attempts at photoshoping.

Click Image for more
Click Image for more
Click Image for more

Now if you know your photoshop you’ll be able to spot my flaw here but if you dont then GREAT! 🙂 because although it really didn’t take me that long to do it still could have been better. Click here for the set up.

(this is my kitchen table, with a sheet hanging behind him, he is sat in all three different spaces then cut out and merged all in one picture)

Im pretty proud of my first attempt, But would love any feedback!



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