Bad hair day meet my camera!

Now if you know me personally you know I have a maine bigger than any lion out there! My braids always at least 2″ thick and any pony tail that stays on longer than 30 minutes gives me a head ache. But regardless of how hard it is to own such crazy hair I love it.

I have to admit I rarely let anyone see me with my hair not straightened, but I thought it would be fun to post a picture of a before and after of my hair. Mind you if it rains I look like a crazy person. Straightening takes about 30 minutes; thank you geniuses who invented ceramic plates, it used to take me about an hour to do my hair before. Also although most of my blog is about photography this was a chance for me to play with a few different things.. first my new remote for my camera, second new lightroom presets courtesy of Digital Photo Buzz and the chance for me to let my guard down and show everyone what I deal with everyday in photographs.









Before and after!




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