New Years project…doomed to fail?

For those of you who read my New Years Project blog post yesterday..Heres an update.

First lets begin by me placing my disclaimer..“I AM AN AMATEUR”, and thats not a joke. As a beginner photographer I still have not acquired all my equipment that would make this or any project truly amazing. So as my first victim and a victim of myself, let me start by saying.. damn self portrait shots are really hard..sigh!

But im not giving up. I will post what I started with and the first round of results. Im still playing with ideas, lighting, and lightroom so these are so rough Im even embarrassed to show these in public. But I figure at least if I fail, I might as well failed trying to do something instead of nothing.

Camera: Nikon D3000
Lens: Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm
Studio: My kitchen
Set up: Home made devices
Developer: Lightroom 3

First picture is my Dining room table, and a black sheet on the wall as a background. My dining area is small so as you can see the amount of space between my tripod and the light source is pretty small. Second picture shows my entire work area and third picture shows my amateur lighting set up. I seriously used clips and a ring to hold it all together.

Here’s a few beginning shots, still getting the lighting right and possibly even the angles right. I tried a few face shots, body shots and mask shots. Also while in lightroom I played with the black and white features and lighting. WARNING!! these are being shot in color and converted to Black and White.

I hope that you guys enjoy my first part of this project. Please leave any comments, advice, suggestions, or even critiques so that I can become better at my work.

One more thing All you awesome people following this project:

A very humble Thank You!



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