First new project of the year!

I finally came up with my first new project of the year!

I’m going to work up a ARTsy project of people and their tattoos. pictures aren’t so much about tattoos as much as the art you’ve placed on your body. So with that being said, the kind of pictures I will be taking are not just sit and pose but more abstract. I will be using props like masks, hats, backgrounds and they will most likely be BW, BW with color, sepia, or low key.

I asked several friends to volunteer for this project and have gotten a lot of responses. Exited responses! So in turn that makes me exited to get started!

Hopefully I will be finished in less than two months, so I can move on to new projects.

So for starters I am going to turn my dining room into a small studio and start with my first victim…ME.
I will be posting soon, but for now enjoy other amazing photographers and their amazing Tattoo photography.

Coeur de Pirate_1519
Click on Image to view more great shots by the FLICKR community!

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