Chicken with its head cut off.

I Honestly had no better title for this post. As funny as this statement is, its true for me. I’m always running in different directions with new projects and things I want to try. Hell, I don’t even make new years resolutions, I just hope to do as much as I can while I can.
For new years I spent the evening with new friends and the discussion was do I believe that the end is coming in 2012…one girls response was “I’m not going to wait to find out, I’m just going to do more this year. Try new things and take more risks.” My response was “why do you have to wait until the end of the of the world idea? You should always do that!.”

I honestly do as much as I am capable of doing and if you read one of my previous posts wish I could sit still… I really cant. I am always running in different directions hence the title for this post chicken with their head cut off.

So because I hadn’t mentioned it before; I added a projects page, just more random things I try to do without claiming to be good at it. I love to cook, craft, create, draw, write and just not be bored. So please if you have the time check out the links under projects page.

Right now besides working and family I’m getting a little ansy to get my camera out, thank God for cell phones and the awesome cameras they now have built in… Enjoy!




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