Ideas that turn into something better

I really want to get my photography off the ground. Not sure what direction I want to take it but I know in order to further pursue I am going to need to fund this project. I was reading on professional photographers who charge for people photography sessions. I was researching pricing, packages and set ups. One thing that I was interested in was DVD or CD photo packaging. I read alot of different blogs about why you shouldn’t give your photography in a CD and why you should. here are a few of my favorites:


And this one which is my favorite!

Eventually I said ok in order to be competitive, you have to offer things even if I don’t want to. Just like I read on some of these blogs; which I will say I am very particular with is that this is our work and we spend time perfecting it so why give someone some of your best work so they can print it at the cheapest printers like Walmart where they don’t specialize in print services.  If their prints come out crappy of course this will reflect as your work being crappy. I hadn’t thought of this before but it made me uneasy to give cd’s now.

Eventually I came upon this site which wasn’t so much about why you should or shouldn’t but about how this lady Becky Dustin was starting her business and created her own logos for her CD and Photography services. Then I thought “hey I forgot that this was something I originally wanted to do but just forgot”. I spoke to my son about helping me create my own logo (cheaper and more personal).  He agreed.

I gave him my flickr acccount and told him to glance around at what I shoot and see if something inspires him… it didn’t even take 2 minutes while we were talking that we came across this picture.. I

We were obviously on the same wavelink that we agreed we wanted this to be our starting point. We had also in the past come across this tutorial on Stencil art for Photoshop and decided we wanted to try this. So he started with the basics, I did a little tinkling and this is what we came up with. 


I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Now I feel like I am a little better informed and on the right foot to starting something amazing!



2 comments on “Ideas that turn into something better

  1. Shelley…thanks for the link love. I LOVE your sketch from the picture, it is beautiful. In order to be happy, we have to do what we love. That definition is different for each person and we cannot allow someone else to define that for us. I love your artsy pictures, they are beautiful and there is definately a niche for your art.

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