guess whos a proud momma?

Well although I haven’t officially assigned myself an artist of any kind I do have to say that in my family there are some very talented people. And I love being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do.

So in my household I encourage creativity and love when my kids ask for art supplies, music supplies and engage in all things artistic and creative. I have two little musicians at home and 3 lovers of art. My oldest though really loves to draw. It’s funny when he was little he had a habit of always carrying something in his hand. Even while asleep he wouldn’t let go. Nowadays its usually a pencil. Last night I decided to show him artboy68 project. Which is highly impressive. My son says “that is cool! I can do that”. Then grabs a piece of paper and starts drawing my 8 yearold son. He makes me proud all the time, but sometimes even if unintentionally I miss the fact that his talent has become even more refined. Here is his picture:

I am super proud. Not only because my son is passionate about what he does, but because I truly believe he is good. For more check out his page
Leave him a comment and encourage him to continue in his efforts. Sometimes its not enough that your mommy thinks your awesome.

Thanks for reading.


4 comments on “guess whos a proud momma?

    • Thank you! I don’t think he realizes his potential. Hopefully with people who surround him and encourage him he will realize how good he truly is.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post.
      Have a amazing day

    • Thank you from one artist to another he will appreciate your support. Just know that at this point in your life you’ve inspired a child. That’s a pretty big deal. I’m happy to have come across your blog and that you and your work have inspired one of my most favorite and cherished people in my life.

      Thank you

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