Is it truly possible to believe you’re better than what you are?

In Spanish there is a term called “Naco” which depending on where you come from it can mean different things. I remember my aunt used to call us kids that when we were young in while living in Mexico.  I always understood it as silly or like when you say to someone “dork” (in a playful way ofcourse). Many years ago I was watching this documentary on Univision (Mexican news channel like cnn) with my mom. The documentary was about Naqueros. This was actually pretty funny because there is actually a group of people who actually associate themselves with the term. Basically what it was about what people who are not societies best looking that think they are good looking and will go after anyone who is better looking than them with or without the chance of actually being successful. They tried anyway, their philosophy was that you can hit on 100 beautiful women but at least one will give you the time of day. As funny as this sounds it actually makes perfect sense.

Think about it. How many pictures will I have to take, share, print and publish before I ever get recognized and for those writters and job seekers; how many jobs or publishers do we apply and send out work to, with the hopes of actually getting one to bite.

Sometimes though the reality gets washed out with the drive. Meaning that sometimes we are so determined to do something we are unwilling or blinded to accept that maybe were not that good. For example my attempt to bake peanut butter cookies. I can cook but baking is definately not my forté. I can bake all I want; but some people just don’t have it. I have finally come to terms that baking isn’t my strongest point. But I still try, hey! I’m sure I can find someone who likes burnt cookies.

I think photography, cooking, sewing, drawing, and every other hobby I take on (including sports) will never cease to exist in my spare time. But will anything ever come from it? Possibly not, but reality is; does anyone ever want to give up what makes them happy?  No not for me.

So whether its with my camera phone, my Nikon or my point and shoot; world you should beware I’m armed and prepared to snap pictures at my every turn I might even be handing out cookies if you’re lucky!

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6 comments on “Is it truly possible to believe you’re better than what you are?

  1. I enjoyed the piece. You have touched on a subject that affects many people engaged in artistic and creative endeavours. Often we have to be our own harshest critic and can sometimes reach the conclusion that we really aren’t good enough and are possibly deluding ourselves into thinking that we are better than we really are. But then someone will come along and give us a bit of praise. We then realize that we are probably not as bad as we think.

    Some days, I feel a complete and utter fraud regarding my photographic ability and am filled with self-doubt. Other days, I really do feel as if I know what I am doing and feel pleased with the images I capture.

    Like you say, you just keep on keeping on and enjoy being out and about with a camera.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

    • Hi thanks for visiting. Funny this post is about me 110% I used to think I was really good at photography. After going through Flickr and other blogs on WordPress I feel like a dog with their tail between their legs. It’s amazing how much more there is to photography or anything for that matter. Even cooking it isn’t about turning on a stove not burning your food or your self. It’s about spices and timing and the art of flavors. I actually had an argument with my coworker yesterday about this post. He says I’m really good. And as awesome it is to receive praise for what you do; when do you stop and say to your self “today I’m assigning my self the title “photographer, artist, creator?” Is it when you finally gain some notoriaty or become famous? Or is it when you finally reach 100 blog followers, 50 Facebook friends? Or requests for your time and creativity for money?

      I agree I always feel like an amature compared to everyone else. Maybe I need to allow myself to think that like you said maybe I’m not as amature as I believe I am. And take the compliments and praise in its truest form. It’s so hard not to let your ego get the best of you.

      Thank your for reading. And don’t give up, photography and cookies go hand in had I’ve learned. There’s never a reason to give up what your passionate about. Hey, like my co worker and I concluded.. how many greats didn’t gain recognition until after death. Id be happy just know that the possibility is there.


    • My thoughts on life and everything I do is that, when I die I want to be remember and remembered for something good. Maybe photography will be that. 😉 thank you for visiting my blog.

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