Its never too late!

Today I took a photography class. A beginners course on how to use your camera and all that your camera can do. I have to say this is my second class and I am very pleased with these courses. I recently found out that sites like groupon and livingsocial have deals on photography courses at more than 75% off the cost. You get a 3-4hour course for about $29-$50 by a professional photographer that is already doing what they are teaching. Now why take so many begginer courses right?

Well I always tell people that I need to be taught like a 3year old. I need to be explained, spelled out and then shown how to do it. But not everyone teaches or learns the same way right? At my first class one of the students told me that she buys these courses off these websites and takes each beginners course for one reason: to get different perspectives on how photography works. I never thought of that. I thought it was a great idea. My first class was really about how to find things in your camera, the art of photography, accessories and some tips on how to shoot more interesting pictures. This second class was way more technical and explained more on how each setting works and they even took us out side to shoot pictures. I liked both courses because I got the basics in two very different ways. And although I already own a camera and know how to use the settings; sometimes different people point out things that the other forgot. Plus I really want to embed the basics before I get to the hard stuff.

One thing I have heard in both classes is that the equipment doesnt really matter as much as the photographer themselves. Example both teachers gave were Ansel Adams hes amazing and I bet he owns top of the line camera equipment but give him a basic point and shoot camera and hes still Ansel Adams. Hes still the same artist regardless of the equipment. Because if you’re not a good photographer then you’re not a good photographer. Although some people really have the gift or “Eye” as I call itl others really have learn and put to use what they learn in order to really have great photography. Both though still have to work just as hard to really make it work. Because even if Ansel Adams has the gift it would mean nothing if he didn’t really learn to work a camera at all.


5 comments on “Its never too late!

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    I enjoyed your work on Flickr. Good luck with the photography class. As your teacher said, it is what lies behind the camera that makes good photographs.

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